BSc students
Patrick Mooney, Novia University of Applied Sciences. ” Modelling the future of Crassostrea gigas in Nordic waters”

Novia University of Applied Sciences
Gledis Guri (2015 – )
Hasan Arif (2015 –)
Stuart Revenscroft (2015 – )

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Johan Wallén (2011-present)

Dr Birgit Zumbach (April – June 2012) “Natural and sexual selection in the field in yellow dung flies”. Dr. Zumbach had a short appointment in my lab before continuing to another appointment in Arkansas, US.

Dr Beatrice Lindgren (2009-2011). “Sex differences in temperature tolerance and diapause induction in yellow dung flies”.

PhD students
Elin Renborg, University of Gothenburg (2014). “Phenotypic plasticity and potential for adaptation in early life stages of a tunicate (Ciona intestinalis)” (co-supervisor; other supervisors: J. Havenhand and K. Johannnesson, GU).

Meit Öberg, SLU (2014). ” When climate is changing – Effects of phenology and local climate on individual fitness” (co-supervisor; other supervisors: M. Low, T. Pärt, and D. Arlt, SLU).

Ida Kollberg, SLU (2013). ” The effect of temperature on trophic interactions. Implications for the
population dynamics of a forest pest insect in a warmer climate” (co-supervsor; other supervisors: C. Björkman and H. Bylun

MSc students
Kateřina Beňová, Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague (2015). “ Effects of multiple stress on allocation trade-offs in yellow dung flies” (supervising labwork, co-supervising analyses and writing).

Ylva Fredriksson, University of Gothenburg (2014). ” To be or not to be? –Predation on Crassostera gigas by Asterias rubens and Carcinus maenas” (co-supervisor; main supervisor Åsa Strand)

Warren Kunce (Jan – Aug 2011). In collaboration with Environmental toxicology, Department of Organismal Biology Uppsala University. Thesis title: “Synergistic effects of temperature and ivermectin stress on survival and performance of yellow dung fly larvae”. He is currently a PhD student with Prof. F. Johansson, Uppsala University.

Leanne Whiteside, University of Stirling, UK (2010). “ Stereotype threat; the influence of stereotypical attitudes, anxiety and self-efficacy on the career choices of women in science academia in Scotland” (co-supervisor; main supervisor Mario Vallejo-Marin).

BSc students
Ylva Fredriksson, University of Gothenburg (2015). ” Inventeringsstudie av Crassostrea gigas. Demografins inverkan på överlevnad och nyrekrytering” (co-supervisor; main supervisor Åsa Strand).

Jacob Looström, University of Gothenburg (2014). Population development of invasive pacific oysters
(Crassostrea gigas, Thunberg, 1793) on the Swedish west coast (co-supervisor; main supervisor Åsa Strand).

Chris Shirley, University of Stirling (2009). “ The phenotypic consequences of Ivermectin exposure in the black scavenger fly, Sepsis neocynipsea” (co-supervisor; main supervisor Luc F. Bussière).

Assistants, interns and technicians
Novia University of Applied Sciences
Patrick Mooney (2014)

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (2009 – present)
Katerina Beñová (2013)
Ivana Rasic (2013)
Katharina Stephan (2012); currently PhD student in the Ott lab, Stockholm University
Simon Leivo (2011 – 2012)
Berrit Kiehl (2011); currently PhD student in the Immler lab, Uppsala University
Alice Lorge (2011)
Ling Shen (2010 – 2011)
Rishu Vallabhu (2011)
Ellen Salomonsen (2011); currently working at the Swedish Forest Agency
Carin Eriksson (2010 – 2011)
Warren Kunce (2010)